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Those who have read this blog for a while know that we got a new puppy back in October and her name is Sky. She is now seven months old and was spayed yesterday. She is a great puppy – the staff at the vet clinic was very impressed with her mellowness. We love her to pieces. She’s very trainable and pays attention as long as there is food or a ball involved. She will be a good hunting dog and she will start agility training this spring. She was ten pounds when we brought her home and now she weighs 52 pounds!

Last month I started a puppy book for her and I called it The First Book of Sky. It is a handmade book. Several years ago I took a bookmaking workshop from Door #3 Print and Book Arts Studio in Twisp but I confess, it’s been nearly three years since I made any books and I am out of practice. So I made a few mistakes with this one but it looks pretty good anyway. It’s an accordion book. All the pictures came from my Instagram stream. Here is the book and images I used in it.

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