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Sadly on the night of the 14th, clouds obscured the lunar eclipse at my house. I had hoped to watch and make some nice images. Oh well.

Last night I was out with the dogs and noticed that clouds were once again obscuring the moon but the moonlight was shining behind them, highlighting the edges and the sky that was not cloud-covered. Stars and planets adorned the dark sky too. The tripod was still handy from the night before so I went out in the cold to see what I could get.

These images represent the changing light as the clouds, the moon and the earth moved.

I am lucky to live in a place where light pollution has not yet overcome our night skies and seeing the stars and planets is a normal occurrence.







  1. Hi Teri, I enjoyed those clouds last night too, in fact as I turned out the bedroom light, the moon was coming out through them in an unusual and spectacular way. Cheers! /Nancy

  2. They were pretty stunning.

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