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Sky had her first birthday yesterday! Where did the time go? Do you remember when we first brought her home? What happened to that cute little puppy? She’s still adorable and we love her to pieces and she’s a pretty good dog.

So what to do? How about a party? We invited dogs and their friends to an evening picnic on the lake featuring sticks, lots of sticks. People even brought her fresh sticks since they knew her sticks burned or were covered in soot. We discovered that she can retrieve sticks from the lake longer than we can throw them. I’ll bet she jumped in the water close to 100 times last night. She’s tired today but still ready for agility practice. We walked, biked and boated to this sweet beach and had a very nice evening.

Happy Birthday Sky!

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  1. I remember being a bit disappointed that I couldn’t take the brown pup myself but realized the cold and damp at the beach would not be good for what could possibly be a degenerative problem, but falling in love with Sky over the following weeks…how could you NOT love that little face. Did I mention I love labs? (No offense Luna.) So neat that she got sticks for her birthday! Happy Birthday, Sky…and many more!

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