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My friend Mary Ann got a new puppy recently! We traveled down to the Quincy Animal Shelter to find him. He was taken to the shelter as a stray and seems to be in very good health. He looks to be at least half border collie and the other half – well that’s a good guess. Maybe heeler, maybe English setter. Who knows? MA named him Quincy in honor of the place where she got him. He looks to be about four months old and is just as cute as cute can be. Yesterday the girls and I got to puppy sit while MA had other things to do. Frida came along for good measure. Fun was had by all in the soft snow!


  1. So cool you were at the Quincy Animal Shelter – a really nice facility. Glad this cute pup was adopted!

  2. So now Frida and Luna can hang back and let “the kids” play ahead!

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