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Sky and I went to an agility event in Skagit County recently and we found ourselves with some extra daylight Sunday afternoon and Monday morning so we went bird watching. I have always wanted to see the huge flocks of Snow Geese that winter in the area and I was not disappointed! The images I made are lovely but they don’t fully convey the spectacle of 1000’s of white birds constantly shifting around the landscape. They feed in the rich agriculture fields (formerly the Skagit River estuary, now diked and drained) during the winter. Flocks lift off and fly around, seemingly at random, forming bigger and smaller flocks during the day. I highly recommend a trip to see these birds on their wintering ground. I was lucky to have nice weather. That’s not always the case. In addition to the geese, you can see a variety of raptors (I saw a Short-eared Owl and a Northern Harrier hunting at dusk), Trumpeter Swans and a wide array of water birds.


    • Susan Burgdorff Beery
    • Posted November 20, 2022 at 7:37 pm
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    Wow! Beautiful pictures. I liked the sparrow too. I seem to see sparrow thar look similar pretty much everywhere I’ve been, but hadn’t noticed them here, except once near Beaver Creek this past summer. Susan

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    • Thanks Susan. We don’t see many sparrows at our place in the winter so those pretty noticeable. Saw them again yesterday.

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