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When I set out to see if and when lab puppies might be available, I never dreamed it would happen so fast. I sent out inquiries Thanksgiving morning and had two responses that day! I was looking for a female dog that would be on the small side for Labrador retrievers. One respondent said they had two males that would be 70 to 75 pounds. Hmmm, not what I was looking for at all. Sky averages about 63 pounds and I was hoping for less than that. The next person had a twelve-week-old chocolate female that she thought would be about 55 pounds, full grown. Twelve weeks is not ideal. Most puppies go to their new homes at seven or eight weeks. The breeder had considered keeping her and changed her mind. When she sent a photo, I was smitten. So cute. We made the grueling 36 hour trip across two mountain passes and back to pick her up. As you might imagine, Sky is not always happy with her and sometimes has to tell her what’s what. On the other hand, puppy loves Sky and wants to do everything she does. I do expect them to be good friends as time goes by.

Her name is Willow. She is confidant and smart and affectionate.


  1. Congratulations! Looks like Willow is feeling right at home already . . .

  2. She is adorable and looks so sincere. Lucky you! Lucky Willow!

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