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Category Archives: Dusky Grouse

Yesterday morning at the breakfast table I could hear a Dusky Grouse making his booming noise to attract a mate. It is not unusual to hear them this time of year in the draw or up on the hill above us but yesterday it was really close to the house. I had to go see where it was. It was in the backyard, strutting between Sky’s agility equipment. There was a female picking at the weed seeds in our rather dilapidated lawn. Our lawn is more habitat than turf. The birds and bees like it.

The male grouse puffed up and showed his air sacs and made his noise and walked toward the sliding glass door where I was making photos. I think he may have seen his reflection and was getting a little bit defensive thinking there was another male in his territory. Then he turned his attention towards the female who remained mostly disinterested.


A cricket, perhaps a Mormon Cricket or something closely related. These were at Chelan Ridge
Big Bugs, maybe crickets?
Big Bugs, maybe mormon crickets?
Dusky Grouse observed at Chelan Ridge

A slow Racer that Ken was able to catch on a cool afternoon
Red-necked Phalarope at Deadhorse Lake
Red-necked Phalarope
Black Swift, also at Deadhorse Lake. There were MANY of them
Black Swift
Chinook Salmon spawning in the Methow near the Suspension Bridge on the Community Trail
Chinook Salmon spawning in the Methow
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