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Some days are better than others. Most days are good but some are really better. Today the sun came out after days of new snow falling. The sun revealed things we could not see with the gray light of snowfall. What a change! My friend and I went skiing at the Chickadee trails near Sun Mountain and while the trails are a little slow from all the new snow, the sunshine and blue skies and gorgeous landscapes all around us made it seem perfect.



After fresh snowfall, you have to watch out for those dumps from the big trees! They can bury you if your timing is bad. Or maybe you will just get a touch of the frozen fairy dust sparkles on your face.




I have not seen or even heard any Northern Pygmy Owls this winter and I mentioned it to my friend who said she hadn’t seen any as well. Much to my surprise, I spotted one on the Sunnyside trail on this bush maybe only six or seven feet above my head!


Sharing chocolate


 Living in the Methow is the best.


You’re probably tired of snowy activities by now. It’s a fact. People should not live here if they don’t enjoy playing in the snow. And now, it’s perfect. Deep and fluffy. I said that recently, didn’t I? Well, it still is and more is coming down. So in between sessions shoveling snow, a person has got to have some fun. And so does the dog.

Our house sits a ways up a steep hill with a bench down below. When the snow is soft like this, it is a perfect sledding hill. It starts out with a short steep drop off, the scariest part, and then glides down through the bitterbrush to the bench. Of course, the bitterbrush can be an obstacle as well. Last year, the challenge was to get to the edge of the bench. I think today I went farther than anyone did last year! More than halfway across the bench. I tried once more but crashed in the bitterbrush. The hard part is the climb back up the hill pulling the sled. That’s the exercise part of the fun.


Luna is thinking, ‘ are you sure about this?’


Part way across the bench at the bottom


Again? You’re going to do that again?



It’s a long ways back up the hill


Look at how much further I went!


That was fun. You know, you are starting resemble me. Are you going to fix dinner now?

 In case you are concerned, Luna doesn’t ride in the sled. She runs at full speed behind me.

Some days the sun shines and the promise of spring is everywhere. Other days, like today, we wake up to snow and then rain, gray skies that do not help melt the heavy snow or dry up the mud. Wednesday was a day that featured the promise of spring with birds singing and outstanding views and water rushing down the road, creatiing rivulets and puddles and imitations of Lake Missoula flooding everything in its path. 

Says Phoebe

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Much is said about the four seasons of wonderful weather that everyone loves in the Methow. However, few talk about the fifth season – Mud Season. This is a time when folks flee the valley. Vacations are planned around this time of year. Any sane/smart/well-adjusted person finds some reason to be somewhere, nearly anywhere else, this time of year. Snow continues to be piled all around houses; some roads and many driveways alternate between ice (in the dark of the night and early morning), slush, and then mud. Skiing condtions might be good, but more likely a skier will be faced with slow, jerking slop. Classic skiers rejoice, letting skate skiers know that their season is longer and more adaptable to unpredictable weather. The ice rink is closed. Alpine skiers enjoy the few remaining days at the Loup, knowing that the lifts will soon cease to operate despite plenty of snow in the mountains. And some of us yearn for Spring and gardens and look forward to next Winter.


Where do you park the car?

Mud Season in the Methow


Don’t go out without your mud boots.

Mud Season in the Methow


The promise of Daffodils

spring daffodils


and Strawberries too

promise of strawberries

So we made it to Open Merc in Twisp this week. Lots of good local musicians playing a nice mixture of original music and famous tunes as well. The Merc has great acoustics and is a wonderful place to hear music. I think they said the next one will be March 23rd. But check with the Merc  website to make sure. Don’t rely on my memory! If you are wondering about some of the props in the background, the Merc is also having rehearsals for its upcoming play – The Hobbit. Ken was the last to perform and he had two really fun accompianists – Egon Steinebach on harmonica and Brad Pinkerton playing the mandolin.

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