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Last week, I enjoyed watching butterflies and damselflies. These pretty insects sparkle in the sunshine as they go about their daily business. The butterflies were sipping nectar from thistles while the damselflies cavorted over lily pads and other aquatic vegetation. I have never learned to ID insects. Perhaps it’s time I started.

Yesterday I noticed a big bumblebee inside a daffodil. I think she had spent the night in there and gradually she climbed out and on top of the flower. The daffodil was quickly visited by honeybees and mason bees and other insects. There was an awful lot of activity in a small world. The daffodils are one of the few flowers around so they have to be shared.


In a normal year I’d have lots of blog posts from my garden. Needless to say, this hasn’t been a normal year and I have rarely been out to the garden except to do maintenance or harvest. Last week I took a little time to really enjoy it. It was a warm day and lots of pollinators were active in the sunflowers and catnip. I imagine they are building stores for the fast approaching winter months. I love seeing them all covered in pollen. The bees in the catnip moved quickly from flower to flower so they were much harder to photograph. In the sunflowers, they move slowly, savoring the abundance of the blossoms. Most of these insects are honey bees but there are some natives as well as a moth. Do let me know if you can identify them since I really don’t know insects very well.

When summer turns to fall, these bugs show up everywhere. Where do they spend the summer? They squeeze into every little crack and end up all over the house in unexpected places. This one was walking along the newly painted deck before flying off for a more private locale.




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