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Mostly butterflies from a mountain hike yesterday in the midday sun. It seems that there are not enough wildflowers for everyone who wants one.

Last week, I enjoyed watching butterflies and damselflies. These pretty insects sparkle in the sunshine as they go about their daily business. The butterflies were sipping nectar from thistles while the damselflies cavorted over lily pads and other aquatic vegetation. I have never learned to ID insects. Perhaps it’s time I started.

Wildflowers, vistas, butterflies, dogs, clean cool creeks. What more could I want?

It seems to be a tradition for me to hike to Tiffany Mountain in July. Earlier this year would have been better for the wildflowers and possible patches of snow but this was the soonest I could get up there. Yesterday MA and I and our pack of dogs made the short steep hike. It was a cool day, thankfully. There is nearly no water along the trail so we had to carry our own water and water for four dogs. We did notice early on the hike that three of them went off trail and came back with muddy feet. On the way down we found the well-used mud hole where they’d managed to wet their whistles and cool their toes.

There were quite a few wildflowers and I will put most of those images in another post. The fireweed was outstanding! Heading up the trail MA noticed that Sky had bits of blue powder, like eye shadow on her face. We determined that it must be some sort of pollen and eventually I found it on the fireweed. It looked like the older the blossoms, the more chance that the pollen was blue. It started out orange on the fresher flowers.

Sky found a stick that she was particularly fond of and Quincy soon decided he had to do everything in his power to get it away from her. He’d grab onto to one end and Sky would just stand there and hold her ground while he jerked one way and then another. After a bit, Sky would take off running and he’d lose his grip and take off as fast as he could to catch her. She’d slow down and then he’d grab on again. They had great fun. At one point, Quincy tumbled repeatedly head over heels!

All the dogs were pooped when we returned to the car and three of them had to share the back seat. It was a pile of pooches!

Here is a post from exactly three years ago about the same hike!

The dogs and I went up-valley on Friday for a change of scenery. The pass is still closed so traffic is light up there. That will change soon. The dogs were happy to see some dwindling snow patches and I enjoyed looking at the rivers and streams. Lost River was running clear while all the other streams were muddy with runoff. Glacier lilies were blooming where the snow had just melted. Butterflies probed into old dog poop looking for nutrients. Chipping Sparrows, Willow Flycatchers and many other birds sang their songs of spring time.

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