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Mostly butterflies from a mountain hike yesterday in the midday sun. It seems that there are not enough wildflowers for everyone who wants one.

Yesterday I noticed a big bumblebee inside a daffodil. I think she had spent the night in there and gradually she climbed out and on top of the flower. The daffodil was quickly visited by honeybees and mason bees and other insects. There was an awful lot of activity in a small world. The daffodils are one of the few flowers around so they have to be shared.


Well, what do you do when your dog has her sixth birthday? Get some friends and go for a hike! If you’d ask Sky, she probably would have voted for a lake but it was Saturday and the lakes were busy.

It was a new trail for us and we were all impressed with the flowers, the views, the pollinators and the huckleberries. It’s one we will do again.

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