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Category Archives: Labrador retriever

Sky is used to having her picture made. As a puppy, she learned to sit for the camera from Luna. I have many charming photos of the two of them together. Being a labrador, the promise of a cookie when we are finished is all it takes to get her to sit and stay and be a good girl. We used to do lots of photos of dogs on rocks with both of them and other dogs too. Yesterday, as I looked at this big boulder above the trail, she knew what I was thinking. First she went to the front which is way too high for her and then I said ‘Go round’ as if we were doing agility and she went to the backside and found an easy path to the top. She’s a good dog. And the picture of her on the trail shows just how tall the grass grew with our prolonged spring and early summer rains.

Today power was restored to much of the valley and most communications are back in service as well. It’s a big relief to those of us that have not suffered losses from the wildfires. Our dogs have been out of sorts with the lack of a regular schedule, lots of noise from generators and helicopters and also from the anxiety that their people have carried around for the last ten days. I took our dogs to the lake for a rousing round of fetch and Sky was beyond happy. Luna liked it too but she doesn’t share Sky’s enthusiasm. Few do.

Yesterday we hiked to beautiful Blue Lake in the North Cascades. What a relief from the 100 degree heat here in the valley! We saw some snow (much to the dogs’ delight) and found the lake still had a little bit of ice so that clear blue water was cold! That didn’t stop Sky from jumping off the rock in pursuit of sticks!

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