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Today power was restored to much of the valley and most communications are back in service as well. It’s a big relief to those of us that have not suffered losses from the wildfires. Our dogs have been out of sorts with the lack of a regular schedule, lots of noise from generators and helicopters and also from the anxiety that their people have carried around for the last ten days. I took our dogs to the lake for a rousing round of fetch and Sky was beyond happy. Luna liked it too but she doesn’t share Sky’s enthusiasm. Few do.

Sky swam a little bit in the river late this winter but just for short distances and not very much. On a warm day this week I took her and Luna to one of the few thawed lakes to see if she really liked swimming. She’s a labrador puppy and indeed she likes swimming and took to it naturally as we expected. She is nearly eight months old and weighs sixty pounds. I had hoped for dog that weighed no more than fifty. So much for that idea. She is all muscle and a beauty of a dog. And a natural swimmer.


Mary Ann and Frida, Christiane and Luna and I walked to Aspen Lake yesterday. It was a perfect Spring day with sunshine and lots of wildflowers. It was warm enough to shed our coats at long last! Frida and Luna were happy to jump in the lake and chase sticks and then romp in a lingering snow bank. They chased chipmunks too. It was a good day to be dog. And the rest of us had a nice time too.


Frida was swimming before the rest of us arrived



A dog with a stick



It just doesn’t get much better



Luna wants to play too






And shake!



Frida – don’t eat that stick!



This will be better



The view from the other side



Christiane made snowballs for Luna to catch















Time and time again!



How much fun is that?



And a nice walk through the woods



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