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Have you been out after dark recently? You might like it. Clear summer nights make for excellent star gazing and Comet Neowise is bonus! They (who are they anyway) say that it won’t be around much longer so you’d best get out and see it soon. Look to the NW after dark.

And the Milky Way is at its best. Warm summer nights are perfect for seeing it. Since it is too hot to be out during the day, go out at night. Although, I have to say, at 7000′ and I got darned cold. It was worth it.

I may have stayed up too late the night before last. I had read about noctilucent clouds and went outside to look for them. It seemed like something I could see and not stay up TOO late. I don’t think I saw any but it was a lovely end to the daylight with long lingering dusk light over Winthrop. Also, some strange rosy light over Mount Robinson, north-north-west of here. It didn’t last long and I can’t tell you what caused it. I have lots to learn.

The weather forecast said partly to mostly cloudy so I was surprised when the clouds completely went away and the stars began to show themselves. I think this is the first time in two months when there was no moonlight and no clouds and I could see the core of the Milky Way! I was surprised by the weather. I did have enough camera gear to make some images of the night sky. I wished I had a more accurate forecast so I could have tried some new stuff I am trying to learn. It is always mesmerizing to watch the pageant of stars as they flow across the night sky, changing with each passing minute.

I am lucky to live in a place where I can walk out my door and see the stars. However, I am looking forward to going other places to practice photographing the night sky.

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