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We returned to town to visit the Confluence Gallery and to see what else we could photograph before we got too cold. A bowl of soup from the Cinnamon Twisp tasted pretty good after we were done.

You can see more photos of Kayla here at my Reflected Light Images blog.

I spent part of yesterday with a high school senior who is interested in pursuing photography. Kayla already has a good eye for composition and color and hopes to go to college to learn more. She particularly likes nature photography so we started out walking to the park near the confluence of the Twisp and Methow Rivers. The weather has been dreary and gray and the ice around Twisp is treacherous for walking. Along the rivers, there is much less ice than in other years. Kayla has explored this area for years and she said normally there is enough ice to walk across the Twisp River. Every year is different and I expect these are the kinds of changes we need to get used to.

You can see more photos of Kayla here at my Reflected Light Images blog.

Twisp has the best parade! Every Fourth of July folks are encouraged to dress up, bring a float of some kind or a horse or a wagon or whatever strikes their fancy and join the parade. There are no marching bands or fancy flower-covered floats – just home grown and mostly locally designed parade entries. A few horses, fire engines, sports cars and local organizations and lots of kids. Dogs too. Folks seem to want to bring their dogs to the parade. It’s better than leaving them in hot cars in the summer but most dogs don’t seem all that entertained by the show unless they are part of it.

Immediately following the parade, The Methow Arts Fest happened in the Twisp Park at the confluence of the Twisp and Methow Rivers. You can see my photos of that other fun Fourth of July event here.

Uh oh. You can tell that this winter is going to be a long one. The lack of snow is bringing out some real creativity in the valley.

Yesterday Jennifer asked me if I was going to race and I had not a clue what she was referring to. Then she said ‘bring your camera to TwispWorks at noon’. Hmmm. MA knew about the race too and apparently was thinking about entering. She and I had a dog walk this morning and, well, we were a little late but we figured, like many events around here, it might not start quite on time. We were wrong. By the time we got there, most contestants had already had their practice run and their competitive run. MA was convinced to join in the fun and did really well, coming in third place out of about a dozen qualifiers. There were a few rules. Knocking over a cup would cost you time. Going off course would get you disqualified. Costumes were encouraged.

Steve Foreman’s video from the Big Wheel Derby can be seen at the Methow Grist.


Every year cows need to be moved from the valley bottom where they winter and have their calves to the public lands on the state wildlife area where they spend the summer. Some ranchers find the easiest way to do this is to have an old-fashioned cattle drive right down the county road, through town and up the state highway on a Sunday morning. Yesterday was cool and clear – good for moving cows and making pictures. Lots of people knew about this ahead of time and were parked in good vantage points to see the cows pass through Twisp. Evidently this is a slow time of year for entertainment around here.



The excitement builds as the cows approach town



They start across the first bridge



It was a chilly morning



This is a typical Twisp traffic jam……



Keep ’em movin’



One happy cowgirl



This is what you see from behind



An image in search of a caption



The little white one stands out in a crowd



I think Twisp needs some more work on its sign ordinance



I wonder if TwispWorks was looking to get their lawn fertilized



Good thing cows can’t read



Move along



Welcome to Twisp



Hey – no one said you could get something to eat in Twisp



My horse would like a mocha please






As they head out of town



Mom – where are we going?



Holding up traffic on highway 20



Passing through someone’s driveway



Who is going to clean up that mess?



All clear over here for the moment







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