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Another day in the woods with my dogs.

Yesterday afternoon we walked here on our hill. It was nice to get up into the tall bitterbrush and sage that did not burn four years ago.

Seasons have changed. Generally speaking, we have three seasons defined by color – white, green and brown – and we are officially in the brown season now. Or maybe it’s more of a golden season. That sounds nicer. Most of the foliage that grew vigorously in the late spring and early summer has dried to a yellowish tan with a few sparks of color here and there. Remnants of wildflowers and berries. Aspen leaves – some still green, many yellow and some more orangish.

MA and I took the dogs to the area above Pipestone Canyon last week. It was very cold and very sunny. We didn’t stop very much and stayed in the sun as much as possible. The days are short and the sun is low in the sky so when we returned to the car, we were in deep shade. We wondered about the sanity of two joggers who were just getting started as we loaded the dogs.

Last week I went birding with a group of folks from Pilchuck Audubon Society. June is a good time for a birding trip to the Methow Valley but the weather is not in agreement with the calendar. It was chilly and raining. We didn’t get far along the Beaver Pond Trail before getting chilled but we did see a nice assortment of birds. My two highlights of the walk were a baby Northern Flicker clinging to a dead aspen tree as still as could be hoping we could not see him (we could) and mountain lady’s-slipper orchids (Cypripedium montanum).









The dogs and I love walks with friends  – both canine and human. These images are from a couple of walks on the Wildlife Area near Frost Road. It’s really just a mile or two from our house as the raven flies, however there is private land in between here and there. Consequently we have to drive about fifteen miles to get there.

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