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Sky is used to having her picture made. As a puppy, she learned to sit for the camera from Luna. I have many charming photos of the two of them together. Being a labrador, the promise of a cookie when we are finished is all it takes to get her to sit and stay and be a good girl. We used to do lots of photos of dogs on rocks with both of them and other dogs too. Yesterday, as I looked at this big boulder above the trail, she knew what I was thinking. First she went to the front which is way too high for her and then I said ‘Go round’ as if we were doing agility and she went to the backside and found an easy path to the top. She’s a good dog. And the picture of her on the trail shows just how tall the grass grew with our prolonged spring and early summer rains.

Sky and I had a nice walk in the hills yesterday. I think it was the first hike this year where we did not encounter anyone else. It seemed like such a luxury after all the days of busy trails. Even at midday, the colors were astounding and nothing beats the light this season. There were layers upon layers of color from the various plants and trees and water and sky and distant hills. Oregon grape is notoriously difficult to photograph so I tried the same plant in sunshine and shade. The aspens were all colors of yellow to orange to dried up and brown.

Wind and rain and maybe snow are in the forecast so these days are probably numbered.

I made lots of pictures of Sky too. You will see them soon.

A few members of the Good Girls’ Club got together to enjoy a fall meeting/walk recently. Topics on the agenda included fall colors, sticks, pine cones and cold water. Since Luna no longer attends these meetings, there were no notes taken so we will never know what decisions were made.

Fall is finally here with cold, frosty mornings, occasional fog and sometimes rain although it remains oddly dry and dusty. Fall colors are finally coming on here in the valley. Here are a few images from our hill.

I did not mean to feed the birds. Sometimes Luna doesn’t feel well and she was getting white rice mixed into her regular kibble and still she did not eat her breakfast. So I picked it up to keep Sky from eating it. Later we walked down to the lake and when we returned, the local flock of Canada Jays was having a heyday with it. These jays make their way through the campground each morning looking for careless campers who leave their food out. Normally, I keep a clean campsite so I was a bit horrified at myself but then watching the jays was so much fun and they were really loving the unexpected treats!

Canada Jays used to be known as Gray Jays and before that, they were Canada Jays. I don’t know why ornithologists made those decisions. They are commonly known as camp robbers or whiskey jacks. They are very gregarious and will even take food from a person’s hand. I wonder what they eat in the winter when people aren’t around?

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