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Once a year in Winthrop, there is a six-legged race where a dog stays attached to a person wearing skis sponsored by Methow Trails! As you might imagine, it is a fun and exciting event. And if racing isn’t enough, it’s also a costume contest! People in the Methow Valley love to play dress up. The day starts with a costume parade and then the judges confer as to who will be in the finals for best costume. The prize for best costume is the coveted golden poodle, a traveling trophy. Then there are the races. This year there was a kids’ race, a ski joring race, a little dogs race and then the big dogs. There are plenty of big dogs (must be another Methow thing) so there were three heats of big dogs and then a final. And after all the racing, the finalists for the best costume, again parade past the crowd and the winner is decided by who gets the most applause and cheering. There are three highly skilled judges for this. All in all it’s a darned good time!

Methow Trails hosted the annual Doggie Dash race at the Town Trailhead in Winthrop on Sunday. It was great fun with terrific snow and good weather. There were three categories of races – Kids, Little Dogs and Big Dogs – and the ever popular costume contest. The Big Dogs category had the most entrants so there were three heats leading to an exciting final race. The prize for the costume contest is the much-coveted Golden Poodle – a traveling trophy. The winner has now won three times in a row!

The Doggie Dash is one event that I look forward to every year. What do I like about it? Winter – I love this season. Dogs – do I even need to remind you? Skiing – my favorite outdoor activity. And it’s a light-hearted event – folks don’t take it seriously. Well, most folks don’t. It’s tons of fun. One person remarked that her face hurt afterwards – from smiling and laughing!


Getting to know you



Wyatt Ann wonders “why am I dressed up like this and why are we here? Jennifer doesn’t really like to ski so much.”



It’s the iEverything team. iPoop and iPickup with their matching iPods and headphones. And all made out of duct tape.



You can’t make me



Batman and Robin await the costume parade before the big race



Daisy waits patiently






Sweet girl



“Excuse me? You are trying to rent me out to some poor skier without a dog? Are you kidding? Maybe you need to get a another job!”

(people who live in the Methow are known to work more than one job in order to stay here)



Richard is trying to avert the dreaded costume malfunction while Trip works on his game face.



Great Owl costume.



Kristen spent most of the morning explaining her costume. She’s a fork in the road – should she ski or bike? Or maybe play with her dog? Again, a costume created from duct tape.



Princess Leia and Yota in the costume parade



Lynnette – where did you get those leggings?



Frida and the Tufted Puffin



Going upstream?



The kids’ race is first!



It’s a hard-fought contest between Batman and Robin and the Two Grooms!



Batman lunges ahead



And the rest of the wedding party follows



And then it’s time for the adult racers with small dogs



Heaven and Heck are filmed for the Methow Grist



And now the big dog race. There are several heats.



Molly tries to stay in the race without Lynnette



Some racers are more competitive



This dog is very competitive



Stitch and Lelo are in it for fun!



I was rooting for the doodle!



This looks like a fast team



And in the final heat, they have to go around two laps. This is the backstretch of the first lap.



In the second lap, the poodle pulls ahead



To win it at the finish



There was a contest for the runner up position



The race winner – a poodle from Leavenworth.



And the costume winner, also from out of town. He was channeling the late Bing Crosby and stayed in character the whole morning. Here he is, holding his dog and the much-coveted traveling trophy – the Golden Poodle!



This fun event is sponsored by the Methow Valley Nordic Club. All proceeds benefit dogs and cats in need.



Every winter the Methow Valley Nordic Club sponsors the always popular Doggie Dash in Winthrop near the Town Trailhead. It is one of the most fun events of the year for dog lovers and their friends. In addition to being a race, it’s also a costume contest. Many people put more effort into their costume design than the race itself in hopes of taking home the traveling trophy – a magnificent golden poodle! The race categories included kids, adults with big dogs, adults with little dogs and skijoring teams. Generous sponsors provide lots of doggie treats and prizes.


This puppy really has a ‘game face’


I’m always partial to doodles


 What can I say about this?


Luna is having second thoughts


And the race is on!


The little jockey is being followed by the super hero team from Mazama



It’s ok to fall and get up – you cannot let go of your dog though


And she’s off again


Normally mild mannered Kristen turned into a new woman when she donned the roller girl outfit!



At the starting line, Luna is still thinking……


Looks like Trip is also thinking about other stuff


There’s a good team


Trip – don’t look at the girls over there


This is just before Luna ran over to me and sat down.


One of the skijoring contestants

Just one big happy family




And the winnter of the coveted golden poodle!














An annual six legged (or more) race involving a person and a dog and they must stay connected throughout the race. In addition, there are costume contests for all the heats and a grand prize at the end of the races for best overall costume. If you like dogs, skiing and winter, this is about as much fun as you can imagine!

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