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Last week Mary Ann and I took our dogs, Frida and Luna to an agility trial about 150 miles south of here. We traveled through the lower Grand Coulee and stopped for a short hike in the basalt country. It’s an area near where I used to live and hike on a regular basis and I miss the dramatic rocks and canyons. This area was formed out of molten lava that flowed from ground fissures. Later it was scoured by numerous ice age floods that sculpted the dramatic coulees and rock formations. Now there are many lakes and other water features – many made by humans with dams and irrigation canals. Still it retains a rugged beauty that I always enjoy. As for the agility trial – we had one good day out of three.

Luna and I are on the road to visit friends in Montana. Today was a gorgeous day to be on the road with enormous fluffy clouds and blue skies for background. Many raptors everywhere we went. Bald Eagles, kestrels, ospreys and more.  I could have spent the whole day birding and making images!

First stop – the Carlton Store


The Columbia River at Pateros


See that marmot teasing Luna?


Chief Joseph dam


Douglas County


Grand Coulee dam


Great clouds


Cool blind for bird watching at Reardan Ponds


Welcome to Idaho


Lots of water in Idaho. That is a road. It is next to the very cool rails to trails project – the trail of the Coeur d Alenes


Looks like a person could still ne skiing at Lookout Pass


The Clark Fork, a tributary of the Columbia


We got off to a late start on our honeymoon road trip on Tuesday the 24th. Once on the road we made good time, getting into Oregon, just across the Columbia for our first camp. As has been the trend this spring, it was colder than expected.

Methow Valley

One of the Methow crossings


The mouth of the Okanogan River


Chief Joseph Dam spilling water on the Columbia.


Driving through Douglas County’s dryland wheat fields.


A rest stop at Dry Falls for an update on local geology.


On the road again driving through the Grand Coulee.


Uh oh, stop lights.


Driving through irrigated agriculture fields


You have to drive through some not so pretty industrial areas to get to the good stuff.


Crossing the Columbia River for the third time.


Sunset and a family of Canada Geese on the Columbia.

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