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My friend said she was having trouble with her little point and shoot camera and since she is getting ready for a big trip in the spring she is concerned that maybe it’s failing and she wondered if she ought to try to replace it. I said I would give it a try for a couple of days and took it with me on a couple of walks and used it in the house with and without the flash and of course, it behaved just fine for me. It seems like I haven’t been doing too much ‘fun’ photography lately so it was a good exercise for me. The camera is a low end Nikon Coolpix, and not very new. I found it to be serviceable although I did miss having raw files. The color balance was a little skewed, especially in the snow but not terribly so. I was mostly able to adjust for it in Lightroom. Its exposure compensation allowed me to photograph my black dog in the snow and its close-up scene setting worked well for close-ups.




Open Merc is an open mic session at the Merc Playhouse in Twisp. The music varies all over the spectrum and is always entertaining. It’s free to the performers and the audience and happens about once a month. Ken had a work meeting so was late getting there. He got to play last and had great backup with out of town musicians and local harmonica favorite – Egon Steinebach.

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