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Our favorite dog walking trail has been off limits for months to protect nesting Sandhill Cranes. It was their second attempt to nest there. Last year, predators got their colts. A baby Sandhill Crane is called a colt and it is orange! This year, they lost one to a coyote but the other survived and the three of them have moved on. It is great news to have cranes nesting in our valley.

The girls were happy to get back to the wide flat trail through the woods, to the river. Luna can no longer negotiate steeper, rough trails, even with her braces. The braces give her good support and she gets along ok but not for far. Her back legs are growing weaker with the laryngeal paralysis and the braces are relatively heavy but they support her damaged Achilles tendons. It’s hard to get old. She still has an optimistic attitude most days and really WANTS to be her old self.

This was earlier in the month after we’d had a bit of rain. Lately we’ve had endless sunny, dry days.

What do you see here?

We did takeout Saturday night, getting Pizza at East 20 and drove a little ways out of town to sit by a creek under the pine trees to eat it. Sorry, there are no pictures of the pizza. You just have to believe me that it was good. We walked down to the river and Sky enjoyed jumping in the water a few times. She has had an injured shoulder for weeks now and rarely gets any play time. It is frustrating for all of us. Yesterday she limped more so I guess it was a bad idea but she was SO happy.

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