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Despite the smoke.

Today the smoke has cleared out of much of the valley leaving blue skies in its wake! It’s forecast to return but for now, what a relief. Here are a few images I’ve made the last few days when I ventured out into the gloom.

This hibiscus is a recent gift from a friend. The flower’s colors are amazing.

It will soon have to find a room in our house as it is not hardy in our winter.

Shaggy mane mushrooms have popped up around our backyard.

Some people eat them. They don’t appeal to me.

This moth was on the outside of the window while I was inside

French pumpkins.

Our growing season isn’t always long enough or warm enough for them.

A sunflower gazes into the murky sky

Shaggy mane mushrooms are popping up all over our yard this week. Some have already been around too long and are beginning to melt into a black goo. They have a short life. Do you eat them? Do you have good recipes for them? I haven’t tried them. Yet.








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