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This is how it looked from my house last night. Did you get to see it? What was it like where you saw it?


Seems like I’ve had lots of images lately and these slipped my mind. If you recall, on March 19th, there was a Super full moon. According to NASA Science News “Full Moons vary in size because of the oval shape of the Moon’s orbit. It is an ellipse with one side (perigee) about 50,000 km closer to Earth than the other (apogee). Nearby perigee moons are about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than lesser moons that occur on the apogee side of the Moon’s orbit. The full Moon of March 19th occurs less than one hour away from perigee–a near-perfect coincidence1 that happens only 18 years or so.”

So, one week later, here are the images I made on the evening of March 19th.

While waiting for the moon to come up, I noticed this towering cloud over Studhorse Hill and lower Bear Creek, north of here.Cloud over Studhorse Hill

The moon glow over Balky Hill'Super' full moon, March 19

'Super' full moon, March 19

'Super' full moon, March 19

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