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Lots to see in this community. This little natural area is right on the outskirts of town and a worthwhile walk anytime of year.

I took my camera for a walk about in Twisp yesterday. Here are a few things that I saw. The flowering trees are lovely right now. The dachshund was across the street and when he saw me, he put on his purposeful look and marched across the pavement, sniffed me once, and turned and walked back. I guess I passed muster.

Ok, I admit it. I haven’t been editing my photos for the last month. Today I will start to get caught up so here is the first of a long string of new posts.

It’s going to seem like I was out and about a lot during October and it’s true. Sky had been recovering from a shoulder injury and we just started getting out for walks and hikes on October 7th for the first time in weeks. We – me, Sky and Luna – were all out of shape and longing to be out in the hills before winter set in. Our first short walk was to Bear Creek to admire the fall colors. Both girls wore their orange vests in case we ran across any hunters.

We took the dogs up a steep hill on the game range¬†near Twisp. It was sunny and cold. We could walk mostly on dirt although the dogs enjoyed little snow patches. Luna especially likes them. She does better in cold weather and isn’t looking forward to the end of winter. And she seems to not care to have her photo made. I had hoped to find sagebrush buttercups but it is not the warmest hillside in the valley. We did find other green shoots and soon there will be more. Probably not this week with nightly low temperatures forecast to be in the teens. Brrrrr.

On Friday we went up to the Loup and enjoyed a walk on hard-packed snow on a Forest Service road. It was a nice change of scenery with tall healthy ponderosa pines and western larches. The dogs seemed to really enjoy being someplace different. Different smells, sights and sticks too. We saw some moose tracks and heard plenty of Pileated Woodpeckers and Mountain Chickadees. We walked about five miles or so and little Quincy kept up all the way and was not overly tired.

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