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All the planning and work is about to come to an end! It’s been hectic around here with all the details and people coming and going and gatherings of friends and family. So much so, I’ve hardly had time for photography. I did remember to take my camera to the rehearsal yesterday and got a few images as we hashed out the details. And today is the grand day!

Carl, the best man, gives his mom a 4wd ride up to the site

Betty stands in for the judge

Betty’s thinking, no Ken, not so much.

Luna considers the possibility of chipmunks

Luna doesn’t seem to be taking this as seriuosly as I’d hoped!

Ken won’t be taking pictures during the ceremony.

One of the wedding photographers

And Gregg volunteered to be the wedding painter!

It will be a glorious day!

One Comment

  1. Looks like you’ve picked a beautiful spot for your wedding. LOL- Are you sure you didn’t pick your wedding date to coincide with the “Rapture”!

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