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This joyous occasion was held at Skalitude Retreat Center in Smith Canyon, not far from Carlton. The natural setting was the perfect place for the rustic decor carefully chosen by the couple and their good friends. It was also perfect for camping, lawn games, playful puppies and high energy children. Celina and Jacob chose to have their ceremony in an aspen grove with a handmade backdrop adorned with rosehip garlands. They walked to the site together, ahead of their friends and family. In the spot they chose, their loved ones created a unity circle out of stones they carried. The loving couple pledged their vows to each other in the circle with their three month old puppy at their feet. The vows were written on birch bark collected by one of their friends. All of their food was locally sourced from farmers they know. It was an amazing day.

Click on the first image to see all of the images as a slide show.


This is not a regular post for My website, is having some issues that I just can’t deal with during this busy time of the year. So you can expect to see more wedding photos here til I can get it resolved. Maybe by November!

Forest fires have been wreaking havoc on everything in north central Washington for the last two weeks. Most were started by a lightning storm that roared through the region the night of September 8. One was human caused. For a few days our area was spared the heavy smoke but that soon changed and this has been a common late afternoon sight, if we get to see the sun at all. Official air monitoring by the state has listed our air as ‘unhealthy’ for the last few days. It could be worse. In Wenatchee and Cashmere, it has been ‘hazardous’. The good news is that the hard-working fire fighters are starting to get a handle on most of the blazes with strong lines built by hand and machine and with the help of many aircraft. Some of the interior parts of the fires will burn til the snow falls. And there is no precipitation in sight.

This image is from last Friday. I was photographing a wedding at Sun Mountain Lodge.

Photos from the wedding will be posted at my other blog before the end of the week.

All the planning and work is about to come to an end! It’s been hectic around here with all the details and people coming and going and gatherings of friends and family. So much so, I’ve hardly had time for photography. I did remember to take my camera to the rehearsal yesterday and got a few images as we hashed out the details. And today is the grand day!

Carl, the best man, gives his mom a 4wd ride up to the site

Betty stands in for the judge

Betty’s thinking, no Ken, not so much.

Luna considers the possibility of chipmunks

Luna doesn’t seem to be taking this as seriuosly as I’d hoped!

Ken won’t be taking pictures during the ceremony.

One of the wedding photographers

And Gregg volunteered to be the wedding painter!

It will be a glorious day!

So maybe not everyone thinks of Balsamroot as a wedding flower but in this case, it is. Months ago, Ken and I picked our date to hopefully coincide with the best of Balsamroot flowering and it’s looking like we did a good job. Still ten days away, on our wedding day, the yellow flowers mixed with lupine and serviceberry ought to be covering the hillsides of the Methow Valley!

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