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Earlier this week I had business in Wenatchee, one hundred miles south of here. It was still cold and clear but down there it was ten degrees warmer – almost balmy since I’ve grown used to the cold temperatures. My car needed servicing and when I made the appointment the lady said it would take about an hour so I planned to wait for it. When I arrived she said two hours – there was a recall I didn’t know about. Darn. So I gathered my wits, my binoculars, my little camera (yes, I travel with a lot of stuff, luckily this time I didn’t take a dog) hat and gloves, and went for a walk. The car dealership is located near the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia Rivers in an area that has become fairly industrialized. It seems ironic to me because in its natural state this place would have been full of birds and other wildlife. The native Americans had celebrations and horse races in this area. In the 1900’s it became a busy area for orchards. And now it has fruit warehouses, port buildings, a mail distribution center and various businesses like the car dealerships. One good thing is that the PUD bought some of the land at the confluence as mitigation for the hydro power dams on the river and turned it into a state park named appropriately enough, Confluence State Park. That was the destination for my walk.


Trucks lined up and waiting to be filled with boxes of apples



Some apples travel by rail



Now why would someone frame their license plate with skulls?






More litter



Some places have nice trees but why plant invasive ivy at their base?



Same birch tree looking up



Plaid logo



At the park, there are acres and acres of grass near the rivers. This is perfect habitat for Canada Geese.



There’s a feeder in those trees. I saw Song Sparrows, Spotted Towhees, Black-capped Chickadees, House Finches and other small birds.



This is a terrific pedestrian bridge across the Wenatchee River. It is an important link in the Apple Capital Loop Trail.



Looking down the Wenatchee towards the Columbia with East Wenatchee in the distance



The ice on the right side of this image is broken and moving with the current while the ice on the left is still.



Lookin up the Wenatchee at the railroad bridge and then the highway bridge



Here you can see the moving ice on the left. When I was returning to my car, the ice on the right was cracking as water behind one of the dams began to back up into the Wenatchee River. Not only could I hear the cracking, I could watch cracks form. I could have stayed there all day.



Endless patterns



When I got to my car I discovered that my lens cap was missing. This tiny thing was sure to be difficult to replace so I retraced my steps and spotted it where I had crossed the busy arterial. It had been run over but is still functional.



While I was at first disappointed to learn that my car was going to take longer than expected, I had a great walk in brisk sunny weather and really felt refreshed by it. Some sights were not pretty but the beauty of the rivers more than made up for that.


Yesterday I went to Wenatchee for a variety of errands and one of them took me to Hydro/Billingsly Park on the Columbia River. It is a place where my mom and her dog Kelly, walked every single day, rain or shine. My mom’s been gone now for more than six years now and her dog, Kelly who went to live with Ken before we all moved up here together, died in February. I needed to spread a few of Kelly’s ashes near the shore where she used to run with great abandon along the edge of the big river. I like to think of her and my mom together again – healthy and enjoying the crisp air of fall.


The park is a combination of manicured lawns and ball fields coupled with a sometimes tangled shoreline of the river.

Lots of beautiful fall colors among the non-native trees.

Why is one branch bright red while others are yellow?

Mom loved seeing the birds and learned many of them during the years she frequented the park. I saw this fairly tame group of Mallards and a Common Loon in winter plumage.

I was pretty obsessed with this leaf.

This photo of it, from my cell phone was my favorite


Leaves, like tears fallen from the trees

It’s been a long hard week for me. But I remember that it started out much better a week ago yesterday. I went to the canine agility trials at Confluence Park in Wenatchee and saw lots of great dogs doing great (and some, not so great) stuff, running, jumping, going through tunnels and so on, all while having fun. I have over 1000 images to edit from that day. Tomorrow I will start on them.

On the way home, shortly after dark, my car hit a mule deer on highway 97 below Pateros. At 60 mph. It was not a good thing. I’ve never been in a car accident before and it left me shaken. And it left my beloved Honda a total loss, according to the insurance company. Luckily, I was not hurt and the deer, well, she got off the highway but I have to believe she died out in the bitterbrush. It took a couple hours to get my car towed up to Twisp and Ken met me with a big hug and we cleaned out most of the stuff and went home to a glass of wine and tried to relax.

And then on Tuesday I had to report to Okanogan for jury duty. ‘Everyone’ says, oh don’t worry, they always send everyone home, no big deal. Not so. I was the 13th juror selected for a three day trial. They had picked twelve and sworn them in and then the lawyers conferred with the judge and he asked me to join the group and swore me in separately. I nearly cried. And the stories we heard from the witnesses were enough to make a person want to stay home behind locked doors. There’s a big scary and sad world out there with people stuck in a milieu of drugs and crime.

Yesterday I started the process of car shopping. Ick.

So, should I try to put it all out of my mind and just think about happy things like the dogs running and jumping just for the love of their people?

I think so.

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