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Seems like there are always interesting things to see around here.


Mojo’s person was playing hockey. Mojo thought everyone else who came by wanted to throw his slobbery pine cone.


One of the hockey players gets ready to go home. His bike tires have screws for studs.


Mojo was disappointed every time someone skied away from him.


The shuttle took lots of folks up to Mazama to ski the 30k back to town.


Mojo thinks that by the force of his will, he can make me pick up the icky pine cone and throw it for him.


 Ken and Luna wanted their picture made in the sign. Well, Ken wanted it – not so sure that Luna did.


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  1. Glad to see you still have so much snow in the MV; it’s like spring again here in the Basin. Went to Mission Ridge today to ski & snowshoe – what a fantastic bluebird day!

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