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Yesterday, our dog Kelly passed away. She was just a few days’ shy of her fourteenth birthday and had lived a good healthy life. Kelly was a lab shepard mix adopted at a shelter by my mom in 1998. It seems like a long time ago now. Mom passed away nearly six years ago and I had no way to keep Kelly. After two weeks of trying to find her a new home, Ken, my then-boyfriend, said he’d take her home with him and try to find someone to adopt her. Kelly latched onto Ken and his two dogs and decided she wasn’t going anywhere else. She had found her new home and pack. More time passed and we all came together to form a new pack in our home in the Methow and Kelly was happy here too. She was a good dog and we will miss her. Kelly loved walks and rides in the truck and swimming in mountain lakes. She loved to act like the guard dog, barking ferociously while wagging he tail. She was the sweetest dog.


I imagine her rolling in snowy fields under bluebird skies now


Walking over hill and dale smelling all the smells


And smiling her happy smile

Ken made this last photo of Kelly smiling and wrote this poem.

Snow fell gently
from gray skies
our old friend
passed to the other side.

I felt her heart
her breathing, suffering,

and she ran free
across open ways
celestial doggie
full of scent
and sun
liberated, dissapated

moving on
into memory
on that
other shore

staying with us
as our good dog




  1. Beautiful photos for such a wonderful companion – I’m sorry for the loss of this special friend. As we look at our 14 year old cattle dog slowing down I know the familiar heartache soon to come. Warm wishes and thank you for sharing this with us, such a special poem. DL

  2. so sorry fir your loss. Kelly was lucky to have you

  3. So sad. Tears and sniffles after viewing and reading this tribute. :-{

  4. Teri and Ken, that is a lovely tribute to a good, sweet dog. Kelly will be with you always as a spirit dog. You will be reminded of her every day. I know because Frank and I have a spirit dog too.

  5. I wipe away my tears at your loss. I know this pain of losing a furry child. What beautiful photos and heartfelt words in the poem. Blessings to you all.

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