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It’s been a hard two weeks around here. In addition to losing our old dog, we’ve both been sick and there was a series of home maintenance issues to deal with. It looks like we have dealt with the house stuff. Ken is more or less well and I am getting better.

Luna and I really needed some exercise so yesterday we went to Big Valley, despite less than stellar conditions. The weather has been warm and the snow is really, really soft. It was a slow workout, that’s for sure. The sun came out and birds were singing as if Spring is just around the corner. Lots of chickadees and nuthatches and a woodpecker. One other bird sang and I did not recognize its call, didn’t even seem like one I had ever heard before. If I’d had more time, I would have tried to track it down. A merganser drifted down the river and dippers dipped in the cold water.


Looks like some interesting lost and found items


 How can a person resist this dog?


Those arrows always puzzle me


She knows the way to the river


Ponderosa Pines are one of my favorite trees


Happy dog!


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