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Last weekend I had the opportunity to take a documentary photograhy class at the Confluence Gallery in Twisp. Lyn McCracken, of Seattle, who is showing her work, Mujeres de la Guerra, at the gallery, taught it. Lyn is a teacher at the NW School in Seattle and also has worked on several documentary projects of her own. I was very impressed with her large format black and white darkroom prints.

We were a small and varied group of students. One person borrowed a camera, another used only a cell phone. We all had stories to tell. I worked on a couple of different story lines and when it was time to show our final projects, I did a simple walk through Twisp.


I started with an image of Lyn giving us direction. Please excuse the typo in the first slide! Egads.






This fellow has a great story. I hope to follow up on it at some point.











At some point we were supposed to include a self portrait.

Many thanks to Donna Keyser, Confluence Gallery manager, for inviting Lyn to come to Twisp, show her work and teach for us. And many thanks to Lyn for coming.



  1. Teri, these pictures are really wonderful. Your eye sees so much more (or less?) than most. Thank you. Wyatt

    • Thanks Wyatt
      I have been thinking about doing a photo series on a walk from the dog’s point of view…….

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