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In the eastern part of Okanogan County and the western part of Ferry County is a region referred to as the Okanogan Highlands. It is an area dotted with lakes and covered with forests and meadows and occasional high mountains. The lakes are a big attraction for birders and anglers and photographers.

The ferry dock was a couple of miles from downtown and with only a little more than an hour there, we only had a chance to walk around the nearby marina. The sea anemones were huge – much bigger than what we have seen in Washington. But then Alaskan’s would probably tell you that is true about everything in their state.

I can’t say enough about the wonderful desert hiking we did while we were in the Bear’s Ears region of SE Utah. And we just began to explore the area.

The mostly gray weather has not kept us inside at all. We try to get at least one walk everyday. The dogs (and I) would go stir crazy if we didn’t get out regularly.


Luna and I walked at the Twisp Ponds this morning. She is still recovering from her unfortunate incident on Sunday so I am trying to keep her calm and it is not always easy. The leash helps but then I was also carrying binoculars and my big camera in addition to making a few shots with my phone. It was a bit of a juggling act. Luna needs to recuperate for one to two weeks before she can get back to being Luna again. It will be a challenge. Rimadyl helps.

Cottonwoods reflected in an opening in the ice


Grasses frozen in time


Frosty leaves on a bridge in black and white


and color


Whose nest?


The only bird I saw this morning. I heard crows in the distance


Remains of a bird


Frosty oregon grape in black and white


and vivid color


Remains of a paper wasp nest. Where do they go in the cold months?


Ice near the bridge


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