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It seems that we are already in November weather with cold gray skies, lots of rain and occasional snow/slush falling from the sky. It really is dreary. Luna and I did get out one afternoon last week when the fog dissipated and we had a nice walk along the shore of Patterson Lake. After the long dry summer the lake’s beach is much wider than normal. It’s water is used to irrigate nearby hay fields.

At this time of year, I really relish these days


Colors are really magnificent


Luna found a new/used tennis ball; probably lost by some other dog.


Luna loves tennis balls.


I saw several of these old bait jars. This one seems to be acting as a greenhouse for some tiny seedling.


Old fishing line like this is a hazard to birds and other animals. It can cause injury and even death. I gathered up what I found and disposed of it in the trash.


A broken fishing rod. This had to have been quite upsetting to someone.


A few dead fish littered the shore.


Beautiful light


Hard to believe it will soon be frozen.



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