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Razor clam season opened up on our favorite Washington coast beach and we were able to get away for a long weekend for some much-needed fun times at the beach. We welcomed the vernal equinox (and my birthday) near Pacific Beach with fried clams and chocolate cake before going out to dig more clams. Ken did some surf fishing also. It was a fun weekend and a great getaway from the long mud season we are experiencing here at home.

As you might imagine, the dogs were thrilled with the idea. We even took along an extra dog, our old buddy Wyatt Ann. She’s not Sky’s favorite dog pal but Luna likes her. Sky seems to be recovered from her strained bicep tendon that has bothered her since December. We still do not throw sticks and balls for her since she puts all of her canine energy into retrieving. She was happy to just run on the beach, bring things to us and have the other dogs try to catch her.

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