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Our old lab, Sam passed away in June leaving Luna an only dog. We knew we would get another dog, in particular a hunting dog for Ken but also a pet and friend for Luna and maybe she’d be an agility dog too. Who knows? And we had decided that fall would be a good time for a puppy. Summer is just too busy around here.

Friday morning Ken got up and one of the first things he said was “Did you see what was in the (Omak) Chronicle yesterday?” And I’m thinking to myself, “besides the weekly diatribe against the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife” and he said “Puppies in Omak!” Uh oh, I thought, I guess the time has come.

He called the fellow and we got over there before midday and sure enough there they were – seven lab puppies, five black ones and two brown ones. One brown male was spoken for. I prefer female dogs and we both gravitated towards the brown female. She was on the smaller side (also a preference) but not shy or timid. All the puppies were well socialized and both parents on site. The dad is a stocky yellow lab, maybe with some English lab in him. The mom is a petite chocolate.

Before we left, Ken had written a check for the deposit and we will pick her up next week! How exciting is that?

Oh, and we are looking name suggestions, in case you have any good ideas.


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