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We often see Bald Eagles from our house flying by or perched on trees and snags down below the house or along the river. So when my friend from out of town noticed an eagle perched on a snag in the yard, at eye level from the dining room table, we just thought it was an immature Bald Eagle. We had about a minute to watch and I made a few photos through the not very clean, window with the closest camera I had before it flew. While examining the photos last night, I kept thinking, that is not a Bald Eagle. In fact, it’s a Golden Eagle! Ken saw it perched below the house later yesterday so maybe it’s sticking around. I’ll be watching every eagle more closely now!

This pair of Bald Eagles enjoyed some morning sunshine on one of the snags in front of our house recently. I have been seeing a lot of eagles in the valley recently. I think they are eating spawned out salmon.

Bald Eagles often perch in the snags below our house. I imagine they are hoping for roadkill or spawned out salmon or some other tasty tidbit. Eagles tend to be scavengers rather than hunters around here. This one seemed to take offense that a Black-billed Magpie chose to share its snag perch.

I think this bird is two or three years old. They are not mature til they are five.

Yesterday as I returned from a meeting on a bluebird day, I noticed a flock of Common Ravens near the side of the road. Not only were the birds next to the road, there was a pullout. As I slowed down (fortunately there was no one behind me) I could see at least two Bald Eagles in the group. Unseen to me, there must have been a roadkill behind the snowbank. As my car approached the group, the ravens all flew off. I was able to drive into the wide spot off the side of the road and watch and photograph the eagle for a few minutes before it decided that I was intruding on its space and it flew off, although it didn’t go far. As I drove away, I could see it in my rear view mirror, returning to the roadkill.

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