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Morning walks with the dogs are the best.

Despite the heat and the valley full of smoke, animals are abundant. There is a mule deer with twin fawns that we see around our hill pretty often. All the young birds have fledged and are learning to forage with help from their parents. Ken’s bees are still out collecting pollen and nectar from our garden flowers. I do wonder how the smoke affects these animals and if they have shortened life spans because of it.

This is a selection of random images from our hill over the last couple of weeks.

We walk at home just about everyday. Even if we have a bigger outing, we will often do a quick loop just so the dogs can get their yaw yaws out and I can stretch my legs. And on a sunny day like this one – we go for longer walks.

After several days on the road, it was nice to wake up in my own bed. It was a glorious morning – cold, crisp and clear. Views from the porch were outstanding.

Looking down valley before the sun came up


This fellow arrived with the sunrise. He was on the trail of some does.


One of the does had been bedded down next to the bee hive. He could smell her.


Soon the big buck was gone but the scene remained.


Today is much colder with a bracing wind and a threat of snow.

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