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The last few days have been full of contrasts – brilliantly sunny skies paired with temperatures in the single digits, if not below zero. There has been no time for standing around enjoying the views. Walks are brisk; ski trips are purely aerobic. Little birds have swarmed the feeders while the Sharp-shinned Hawk keeps an eye out for the slow ones. The dark night skies are full of more stars than you can even imagine, however as cold as it is, it’s hard to do much star gazing.


One day a light wind filled in the trail with compacted snow.



There’s something about this line that I really like.



Hard to imagine how cold it is in this picture.



Those are the sledding trails from New Years!



I tried digi-scoping with my little camera on my scope. There’s a real knack to getting it right.



Long shadows on a sunny day



Pine needles stuck in the snow



Luna got a little hoar frost on her muzzle



Interesting ice form on the deck railing



Brrrr. You’d think a person would have more sense than to stand around in the dark when the temperature is ten degrees, fahrenheit. Especially a person battling a head cold. But how often do you get to see a lunar eclipse?

It was foggy when I went to bed last night so I didn’t have much hope of being able to see this phenomonon and I didn’t do anything to get ready for it. Ken set the alarm and even woke me up after he saw the progressing shadow of the earth across the moon. He had the scope set up outside to watch it. It was a struggle to find everything I needed for night time photography and I overlooked one thing that would have made my images better. My other camera. It handles high ISO much better and would have allowed shorter exposures that would have been sharper.  Can I help it if my mind is all fogged up at 5 in the morning? It was fun to see, despite the cold.




This is what happens when you move everything during the shot.



The moon set and the sky was light in the east before the eclipse came to an end.

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