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Some days you just need to get outside. Yesterday was one of those. Really, most days a person should get outside. For more than a month we’ve had pretty cold temperatures with many days hovering in the single digits and below zero so I’ve been inclined to spend too much time inside.

And then. I got a new computer and it has sucked me into this screen for hours. Fortunately Marcy called yesterday and suggested we meet up and go skiing. What a good idea! It was gloriously sunny with mountain views extending 180 degrees and powder snow. We had our dogs and they were so happy to be out in the hills again. I came back refreshed and energized. Of course, now this new computer awaits me with expectations that I will figure out all the new software and all the settings on the old software. Wish me luck.




Last week MA and I and the four dogs skied to Falls Creek Falls. This is the same place I visited back in November when we could still drive there. Photos of that day are here. It is a very pleasant outing on classic cross country skis and during the week there was no snowmobile traffic. It is groomed for snow machines.

The falls are very frozen and also snow-covered so the interesting formations were buried. It was still quite beautiful. There was little color to the day except from Sky’s eyes and Frida’s fur.

The dogs enjoyed time on the trail and three out of four were willing to pose for a photo. Luna said no. She is an independent thinker.

We did this same trip a couple years ago when there was far less snow and Sky was still a pup. Photos from that day are here.

Another fun day outside! Eight of us – four dogs and four women – travelled with classic skis and waxed paws to look at the frozen Falls Creek Falls. Yes, that’s its name.

Falls Creek Falls. It’s a place that we frequently take out of town guests, even the elderly that can’t get around to well, to see in the warmer months. It’s a reasonably short drive from town and the short trail is paved for wheelchairs and the falls are really a sight to see. In the spring and early summer, the water is high and spray cools the air and keeps the surfaces wet and slippery. Later in the summer, it’s a refreshingly cool spot. And fall is lovely with colorful foliage.

I’ve always wanted to see it in the winter but you can’t drive there. The road is closed and maintained for snow machines but that doesn’t mean you can’t ski to it. So when Jennifer said she wanted to go, I was ready. We thought about taking fat bikes but someone said they are not allowed. That left us with classic cross-country skis. I must say, I have not used my classic skis in at least a couple of years having become a devoted skate skier. This year, with little snow in the Cascades I have not done much of any skiing so I figured I may as well dust off the classics and give it a go. Jennifer’s skis are so old (how old are they?) that they have 3 pin bindings! She bought them used more years ago then she cares to say. We recruited MA to join us and she got Christiana to go too (and drive) and we were set. A sno-park pass is required so we needed to cram all of us into one vehicle to make it not too costly. Four women, four dogs and all the ski stuff and other gear – well it takes up some space. And to top it off, the roads were not in good shape – new snow was covering the old ice.

Not only did we have the fun of skiing with our dogs on a day that went from nearly sunny to snowing hard, we also enjoyed the trail to the falls and its icy beauty and on the way back, we stopped to observe some ancient pictographs. It was another fun day in the Methow.

This weekend MVSTA is hosting the Methow Valley Pursuit – two days of Nordic ski races. Today is a skate race with skiers going the 30k from Mazama to Winthrop. It is a slow course today with lots of new snow and more falling during the race. Yesterday was the classic race that began and ended at Winthrop’s Town Trailhead. During the race I helped with traffic control where the trail crosses Twin Lakes Road. In between cars, I made a few images.



Nicely groomed trails ready for racers and other skiers


This fellow biked up from town


He just wanted to go skiing. The course was open to any skiers – we just asked that they watch out for the racers


And off he goes


Lots of really excellent racers in this field




Great fashions


All ages


And always – having fun!




This week, Mother Nature has brought our valley some wonderful airy powder snow! What a delight. So light, easy to shovel. One lady said she used her leaf blower to get it off her porch.

Neighbor Shelley asked me this afternoon if it was alright if she started some classic ski tracks across our hillside. Oh Yeah. She and her dogs were soon scooting through the spindrift snow as more was coming down. A little while later I moved myself away from the computer and went in search of the old fish scale classic skis and the glide wax and then had to look  for the poles before finding them out in the shop with a hoard of other ski poles. We could outfit a few skiers with our outdated equipment.

And the dogs wanted to go along. They already had a morning walk. And Luna and I had done some skate skiing in the soft snow at Big Valley this morning too. That was a real effort. So off we went, up our trail and then along the road to a vacation house where we found Shelley’s tracks coming from the other side of the hill. It was a bit much for Sam, the brown dog, so I thought maybe a shortcut back home would be a good idea. It was quite a pull up a steep hillside but eventually the old dogs made it up and then we were on our regular trail heading downhill towards home. The dogs will sleep well tonight.


Gliding through the powder!




Kelly can barely see or hear. She’s a real trooper. And nearly 14! Her birthday is Valentines Day.


Sam wants to go. She will will herself to go despite old age and arthritis


And Luna. Can you see me?


Our little camper is in that barn with the plastic doors. Waiting for summer.


Whoosh whoosh whoosh!


Kelly is thinking. Home is right over there. Put the camera away and let’s get going. It’s nearly dinner time and I need to lay down for a while.








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