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Earlier in the month, we enjoyed the deep powder snow and sparkling icicles.

The calendar says today is the first day of Spring. Yesterday I saw my first yellowbell, a delicate tiny wildflower. This morning we awoke to three inches of new snow and it only just quit snowing an hour or so ago. Despite the conditions, Luna and I had our regular morning walk. Even she seemed less than enthused about the weather. Today’s snow was not unexpected. Now the sun is shining and soon this snow will be gone and the wildflowers can reappear.


I should advertise for Bogs boots.



It’s been a while since Luna has been featured.



Visibility was poor due to heavy snowfall



Aspens were sheltering Mourning Doves



A mouse or a vole hole in the snow



She’s got the cute thing going



Some springs, that depression in front of the aspens holds water



These deer were none too happy about the snow



I expect these daffodils will still bloom



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