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Snow has been falling since the wee hours of the morning. I think the forecast said it would end by midday but it only slowed for a bit and then kept coming! We have been waiting for the snow for a while and no doubt, will be tired of it before it all goes away. Ski trails are getting groomed and we will soon be out there with all the other snow lovers in the valley.

In addition to new snow, the Fed Ex driver (after getting stuck on our driveway) brought me a new camera! Not many things more fun than a new camera. Well, maybe a puppy but we are not looking for a puppy right now.

So I ventured out in the snow. Finches crowded the feeders and didn’t mind my presence. The dogs were not so sure about staying out too long, especially Luna. They were somewhat cooperative.

Early snowfall in the North Cascades makes everyone happy around here. After two low snow years, we are hoping (against predictions) for lots and lots of snow for fun and to replenish the depleted aquifers and streams and maybe to give us a reprieve from wildfires next year.

MA and I loaded the dogs and various layers of winter clothes and drove to Rainy Pass where we found ten inches of snow on the ground and hardly any tracks. We were the first to walk to Rainy Lake. It looked like some folks had gone to Maple Pass Рnothing we wanted to try in winter conditions. The dogs and especially Luna were delighted to see snow again! It seems like so much more fun for them to run and romp hard with a soft white blanket to cushion the crashes.

At the lake I attempted to re-create a portrait of Sky that I made two years ago when she was a three month old puppy. You can see the original here. It’s similar but she is looking the wrong direction. My fault!

The calendar says today is the first day of Spring. Yesterday I saw my first yellowbell, a delicate tiny wildflower. This morning we awoke to three inches of new snow and it only just quit snowing an hour or so ago. Despite the conditions, Luna and I had our regular morning walk. Even she seemed less than enthused about the weather. Today’s snow was not unexpected. Now the sun is shining and soon this snow will be gone and the wildflowers can reappear.


I should advertise for Bogs boots.



It’s been a while since Luna has been featured.



Visibility was poor due to heavy snowfall



Aspens were sheltering Mourning Doves



A mouse or a vole hole in the snow



She’s got the cute thing going



Some springs, that depression in front of the aspens holds water



These deer were none too happy about the snow



I expect these daffodils will still bloom



Yesterday was another long day of falling snow. I managed to do some shoveling when it slowed down just before dark. Today was the real shovel day though. I even had to go down to the bottom of the hill and dig out our mailbox. While we appreciate the hardworking folks that plow our road and driveway, we wish they’d take a little bit of care with the mailbox. Also dug out the porch, the paths and the snow that fell from the shop roof, leaving just a narrow walkway to get to the shop and greenhouse. Who needs a gym with all this snow? Luna and I enjoyed a slow walk too.


Even though we use this path almost daily, it nearly disapeared with the recent snow



The lumps are bitterbrush that the mule deer need to reach for winter forage



Interesting shapes in the snow



And what’s this tiny thing?



Luna is tired out walking on the trail. She no longer leaps and plays in the soft snow.






Snow weighs heavily on branches



The top of the middle tree broke off yesterday



There is its top, covered by last night’s plowing



This tree has us worried. It is leaning over our road.



There’s two of them



Chickdees and finches take refuge in a cottonwood



Snow weighs heavily on the fiber. It vibrates with the weight.



Lots of icicles



Almost a surreal scene



And framed by icicles







winter weeds
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