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The hills are still covered with snow. And the floors in the house are covered with grit. My car is covered with mud. Yesterday it was almost sixty degrees, Fahrenheit. And there is snow in this week’s forecast. Spring officially, is only one week away. This is Mud Season.

The girls and I try to get out and walk early when the snow is hard enough to support our weight. Sometimes it supports them but not me. If we are late, then we only have muddy, and in shady places icy, roads to walk on. Yesterday we ran into our friends Frida, Quincy and Mary Ann, also hoping to find a good place to walk. It is a challenge this time of year.

Migratory birds are arriving everyday. One person has already seen a hummingbird in the valley so I put out a feeder. Both bluebirds, Say’s Phoebes, American Robins, Violet-green Swallows and other migrants are already here. They certainly think it’s spring.

Four women and six dogs got together for a walk in the hills above the valley yesterday. We had a feeble hope that we might get up above the clouds and into the sun but that was not to be. There was an occasional ‘sucker hole’ that almost drew us up even higher but in the end we slipped and slid our way back down to the trail. The low snow accumulation is sad and we will surely hear about it more than we want come next summer if this weather pattern continues. Our region is dependent on winter snowfall for adequate water supplies in the summer.

Back at home I was hoping I would be skiing by now however the weather is not cooperating. We have a minimal snow cover at best. Some trails up high are ready to go with least amount of snow possible for grooming. A snow storm is forecast for Friday so hopefully we can break out the skis soon.
Meanwhile, we still need to get out and do something so we continue to walk in the hills. The dogs and I joined MA and Frida this afternoon. Down in the valleys, we were socked in with fog but as I drove to their house, I could see a bit of blue sky and sure enough, when we got up to Frost Road, there was clearing! It was glorious.

This month started out unseasonably hot and we worried that the green hills would soon be brown. The weather gods have taken care of that worry. There has been rain most everyday for the last couple of weeks, it seems. Maybe I only remember the wet days and have forgotten that some were sunny? I have gotten used to wearing my rain gear. Yesterday by the time we returned to the car, my shoes sloshed. But still, it was gorgeous – green lush grasses and lots of wildflowers still in bloom. Our dogs enjoyed the temperature and ran and ran and ran.


Mary Ann has told me about these delicate flowers that are found along the lower part of the trail



Geum triflorum also known as prairie smoke or old man’s whiskers



A large patch of balsamroot



Old aspen trees






This majestic pine tree is slowly dying



Aphids on a Lomatium seed head



Another seed head without aphids on the same plant



Looking back, to the south. You can see tiny Deadhorse Lake in the distance



Tiny yellow composites with bitterroot buds surrounding


Blue penstemon and the yellow composite



And with a buckwheat



Same type of buckwheat with tightly closed buds



Blue gray sky. Green hills. In the foreground, the pale pink spots are all bitterroot about to bloom.




Frost Lake, known by other names is just one of several lakes that dot these hills



Grouse droppings



Thompson’s paintbrush



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