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Sky and I had a nice walk in the hills yesterday. I think it was the first hike this year where we did not encounter anyone else. It seemed like such a luxury after all the days of busy trails. Even at midday, the colors were astounding and nothing beats the light this season. There were layers upon layers of color from the various plants and trees and water and sky and distant hills. Oregon grape is notoriously difficult to photograph so I tried the same plant in sunshine and shade. The aspens were all colors of yellow to orange to dried up and brown.

Wind and rain and maybe snow are in the forecast so these days are probably numbered.

I made lots of pictures of Sky too. You will see them soon.

Tonight’s Art Walk featured gallery openings, open studios, artists’ demonstations and lots of activities for folks of all ages. Passports were offered to anyone who asked and if a person managed to get to all the stops and do an activity and get a stamp, there were prizes to be had! There was big fun as kids and adults went from one end of Glover Street to the other and over to Door #3 and other venues one block over. I confess to only getting to a handful of the fun stuff and I did not even pick up a passport knowing it was unlikely I’d make it all the way around. Lots of people did. I really missed getting to TwispWorks where folks came back with their own handmade hula hoops!

Here are a few of the images that I saw.

Some of the wildfire smoke cleared out to make a nice sky later in the evening.


Yazzi wasn’t sure what to make of this art walk event.




Don McIvor, one of our many local artists, demonstrated wood turning as the sun finally peaked out from the smoke. Don’s work was featured at the last Confluence Gallery exhibit.


He says that he spends most of his time making sawdust.



Animal skulls were prominently displayed at the Pelligro Gallery


This one is a pelican


Shoes as art


Accordian dreams

This rusty blue truck has seen better days. I imagine it could tell you some stories. Now it’s a tourist attraction.



The calendar says that fall is only days away. The forecast shows a high of 90 tomorrow. Smoke from forest fires changes the reality of everything. Colors from a distance are muted and without depth. Up close they seem brighter and illuminated. Nights are cool but by late afternoon the oppressive smoke held down by high pressure gives everything a cooked feeling. Maybe it’s just the ever-present smell of charred forests. Initially it’s like a welcome campfire and then you realize it’s not going away. Most likely, some of these fires will burn til the snow falls. And in the long-range forecast there is not even a drop of rain. Normally weather like this in September would be welcomed with open arms.

This morning I took the dogs and my cell phone for a walk and this what we came back with.


This soft image has a painterly feel to me. Patterson Mountain is in the distance. On a smoke-free day, you’d see the mountains of the North Cascades beyond it.


The chokecherries have lost most of their leaves while the serviceberries have turned yellow and orange in recent days.


There hasn’t been a frost on our hill yet. I think the bushes are doing this because it’s been so dry for so long.


There’s a chokecherry that has not yet dropped its leaves. Looking up, early in the day, there is some blue sky.


Maybe I prefer this in black and white…….


When summer turns to fall, these bugs show up everywhere. Where do they spend the summer? They squeeze into every little crack and end up all over the house in unexpected places. This one was walking along the newly painted deck before flying off for a more private locale.




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