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Yesterday, Luna and I took a drive in the forest to scout for our Christmas tree outing. There is almost no snow which is odd for this time of year. We have a spot where we’ve found trees for many years but it all burned in one of the summer wildfires so I was looking for green trees in that general vicinity. Fortunately much of the area on the river side of the road did not burn so we should be able to find a nice Douglas fir when we head out with our Christmas tree permit. And hopefully we will get a little snow before then.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the river.

Last week, while we were camping, the girls and I went in search of a cool place. We drove down the Lewis River Road towards a bunch of waterfalls I saw on a map. We went as far as a day use area at the lower falls where a Forest Service employee turned us away saying that the parking lot was full and there no room for me to park. Hmm, this was on a Tuesday and seemingly, a long ways from anywhere. So we backtracked to the middle falls where there were also a lot of cars parked. Gosh. People were looking for a place to cool off just like us. So we ended up at the upper trailhead for the Lewis River Trail and walked downstream about a mile to the highest waterfalls. It was a beautiful sight but pretty dangerous with un-fenced overlooks that provided potential for falling dogs. Or people. I got a few photos before we backtracked to a shady beach by the river.

There is something mesmerizing about watching water move. It’s constantly changing. Changing velocity and color and shape. A small creek doesn’t change too much but if you slow down the speed or take away the color, it looks much different. A river like the Nooksack seems to come in pulses of meltwater from the glaciers high in the mountains.

A creek shot at two different shutter speeds


And in color and black and white


An evening along the Nooksack

Spring runoff is in full swing right now with some rivers out of their banks. Here in the Methow, most places are pretty safe but other watersheds are not so lucky. The water has not quite peaked so it could get worse before it gets better. Lots of snow in the mountains and warm weather this month have contributed to this. It is amazing to watch the rivers and streams and waterfalls and hear the power in the flowing water.

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