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In the eastern part of Okanogan County and the western part of Ferry County is a region referred to as the Okanogan Highlands. It is an area dotted with lakes and covered with forests and meadows and occasional high mountains. The lakes are a big attraction for birders and anglers and photographers.

This time of year it is difficult to find good walking places. They are either covered in soft, unpredictable snow, or slush and mud, or just plain mud. The girls really like a little variety in their lives so I do try to get them out and about to various places. This morning we visited a small piece of public land on the river. It was a mix of soft and hard packed snow, very wet slush and occasionally wet ground. They were ecstatic. And Sky found sticks. Lots of sticks. What more could she want? Luna found smells. Lots of good stinky smells. It was a perfect dog walk.

There is something mesmerizing about watching water move. It’s constantly changing. Changing velocity and color and shape. A small creek doesn’t change too much but if you slow down the speed or take away the color, it looks much different. A river like the Nooksack seems to come in pulses of meltwater from the glaciers high in the mountains.

A creek shot at two different shutter speeds


And in color and black and white


An evening along the Nooksack

Luna and I drove up to Mazama for some errands the other day and on the way home we stopped at Big Valley (part of the Methow Wildlife area and in the winter a great ski trail shared with dogs) for a quiet walk. Summer is drawing to an end and much of the green has faded to yellow. The trail is dusty from use. Walkers, dogs, horses, bicycles and wildlife all share this path through the mixed woods. The river is quite low and yet still inviting and refreshing.

Ponderosa pines

This field used to grow grain or hay. I wonder if this year it is producing canola with the bright yellow flowers?

Still fascinated by patterns in the water

Fish science? 4 meters from the river, something happened. There was a tiny rivulet of a side channel with little fish that might not get out to the main river.

Luna. She hurt her leg sometime after this and won’t be going any walks or playing in the river for a while.

Asters. Nice to see a few wildflowers still in bloom.

Yesterday’s all day rain was unusual for our climate. After two months of dry weather it is nice to have however the adjustment to dampness and gray skies can be difficult. It was a good day to get lots of work done inside. Later in the day there were a few shower breaks and I got outside and made some images of rain drops in the garden.



















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