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Odlin County Park on Lopez Island is a delightful campground with 31 camp sites, some right next to the beach. We enjoyed campfires til the last night when a fire ban was instituted by the county fire marshal due to high fire risks. We can relate to that and did not complain. The sandy beach is great for going barefoot and beach combing. The dogs found some sticks and two tennis balls so they had everything they needed to stay busy when they weren’t napping. Our friend took Ken fishing for escaped Atlantic Salmon. See this article  and this one too for more information about this non-native species. And then he loaned us crab gear so we could catch and eat dungeness crab!

Life was very good to us on Lopez Island. No doubt, we will return!

Along the way, Luna and I stopped in the San Poil valley to visit Dixie and her people. It’s a beautiful valley and sparsely populated. Our friends live on an old ranch with about a mile of riverfront – excellent habitat for birds, bears, moose and other animals. We walked and walked while Luna and Dixie ran and jumped and rolled in the mud! After the agility trial where dogs don’t get to play with other dogs, Luna was entirely relieved to see her old pal Dixie and bounded out of the car when we arrived.



On July 20th, a huge storm known as a micro-burst hit this area and tore down thousands, if not millions of trees. You can read about it here. Power was out for a week or more. Everywhere you go, you can see the damage. One area I saw looked like it had been clear cut.


Now that the wet season has started, people are burning debris leftover from the storm


Old farm machinery


They have draft horses to pull this sleigh and also for farming and logging.


So much dog fun!


Dixie is a McNabb, similar in appearance to a smooth-coated border collie


Rope growing moss. How cool is that?


Canada Geese flew off the river


The front yard. Peregrine Falcons nest there. Rattlesnakes den in those rocks.


A well-constructed beaver dam


These trees are full of birds in the spring and summer. Pretty quiet now.


Very pretty place


More moss


The neighbors’ cabin does not have indoor plumbing.



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