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Yesterday the girls and I set out around mid-afternoon looking to stretch our legs and enjoy the fresh air. We headed up Frost Road and walked to Aspen Lake. It’s a pleasant hike in the spring and fall with great views of the valley and surrounding mountains.

We started out in warm sunshine but soon it was raining and I was grateful for my little rain jacket and wool hat. Following the rain was a terrific rainbow. Some snow remained in the shady areas and some places were very wet with water running down the trail. A few small flowers are blooming and grass is greening up. Lots, like hundreds or thousands, of Dark-eyed Juncos and some other birds. The lake is still mostly ice-covered but won’t be for long.

I continue to catch up on images from last month. These are from two walks to Aspen Lake three days apart. Not much changes except the approach to the lake.

Yesterday was our sixth wedding anniversary! To celebrate, we hiked to our wedding spot and then on to Aspen Lake. It was a gloriously warm morning – we are finally getting nice weather. The wildflowers are at the peak of their bloom. Yes, it really was that vibrant. Bird song filled the air.

Saturday afternoon Ken and I and two of our friends and a total of six dogs went for a quick afternoon jaunt to Aspen Lake. The morning sunshine was replaced with leaden clouds that made it seem colder. And sure enough, it was snowing when we got to the lake. My new camera was confused by that and instead of focusing on a distant duck, it focused on the snowflakes. It made for an interesting effect.



Just me and the girls taking advantage of another gorgeous November day.

sam and Aspen Lake
Sam above Aspen Lake

Kelly – she has bad cataracts and the sun makes her squint
luna splash
Luna makes a big splash where ever she goes

kelly n sam
These two understand the power of cookies.

Aspen Lake, Patterson Lake, Goat Peak
Aspen Lake, Patterson Lake and in the far background Goat Peak


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