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A few more images from the eastern Sierras.

The girls and I took the camper out for one night (it was supposed to be two nights) as a shakedown cruise before we get fully into camping season. Sadly, there is a water leak to be fixed. Wish us luck on that. Because of the leak and windy weather we returned after one night.

We chose a campground about 100 miles from home, far enough away to seem really different from here but close enough for a short trip. It is located along the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail, a very dramatic landscape. You can learn more about the historic floods here.

After dinner, the girls and I enjoyed a long walk through the basalt coulees and sagebrush, listening to birds and searching for tiny wildflowers. Sunset and moonrise were delightful. The landscape is beyond amazing and the skyscape was equally lovely that night.

So far, we have had very little snow but it is in the forecast. The girls and I enjoyed a walk in the hills yesterday. Going at Luna’s pace allowed me plenty of time to enjoy the multitude of shapes and colors surrounding the two track where we walked. Many of these plants are weeds and certainly all are past prime (as my friend Diane would say) but they still showcase Nature’s amazing diversity of life and death.

Sky got a stick.

Not enough snow for skiing but cold enough that a person needs to wear warm clothes. The dogs don’t seem to mind. Few birds around. I did see my first of the season Northern Shrike. Also Black-billed Magpie, Mountain Chickadees, Common Raven, Northern Flicker and Red-tailed Hawk.

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