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Do it again. And again. And again.

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These images are from last Thursday, the same day I photographed the bees. It was a very warm February day with the temperature approaching fifty degrees. Today it is near freezing and snow has been falling for hours. In the last week or so we’ve had nearly two feet of new snow but combined with warm afternoons, it is compressed and heavy with ice in the places exposed by the snow plow and shovels and in the trails that are heavily trod upon.

One evening last week we enjoyed a quiet stroll along the river. It is running quite high, normal for this time of year, and the side channels are all full too. Cottonwoods and aspens are as green as they can be. Grasses are lush. Spring.


It’s nice to have the footbridge to access this piece of state land



It was built by the previous owner



That thing in the side channel counts salmon smolts as they pass by



Pretty clear water for this time of year






Where the side channel meets the river



Evening sky reflections



Ken threw rocks in water



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