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Forest fires have been wreaking havoc on everything in north central Washington for the last two weeks. Most were started by a lightning storm that roared through the region the night of September 8. One was human caused. For a few days our area was spared the heavy smoke but that soon changed and this has been a common late afternoon sight, if we get to see the sun at all. Official air monitoring by the state has listed our air as ‘unhealthy’ for the last few days. It could be worse. In Wenatchee and Cashmere, it has been ‘hazardous’. The good news is that the hard-working fire fighters are starting to get a handle on most of the blazes with strong lines built by hand and machine and with the help of many aircraft. Some of the interior parts of the fires will burn til the snow falls. And there is no precipitation in sight.

This image is from last Friday. I was photographing a wedding at Sun Mountain Lodge.

Photos from the wedding will be posted at my other blog before the end of the week.

Some days are better than others. Most days are good but some are really better. Today the sun came out after days of new snow falling. The sun revealed things we could not see with the gray light of snowfall. What a change! My friend and I went skiing at the Chickadee trails near Sun Mountain and while the trails are a little slow from all the new snow, the sunshine and blue skies and gorgeous landscapes all around us made it seem perfect.



After fresh snowfall, you have to watch out for those dumps from the big trees! They can bury you if your timing is bad. Or maybe you will just get a touch of the frozen fairy dust sparkles on your face.




I have not seen or even heard any Northern Pygmy Owls this winter and I mentioned it to my friend who said she hadn’t seen any as well. Much to my surprise, I spotted one on the Sunnyside trail on this bush maybe only six or seven feet above my head!


Sharing chocolate


 Living in the Methow is the best.


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